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A unique and relaxing experience offering you experienced and in depth dental care; at Dental Clinique we welcome you to our website.

Established in 1987, Dental Clinique is a Baulkham Hills Dentist, that has been servicing the Norwest area for 25 years. Offering personalised care at our boutique styled office, we strive to deliver uncompromising dental care to all of our patients. Focused on your care, we have provided you with an extensive and informative website that allows you to truly understand and educate yourself and your family about their dental health.

We are also proud to announce that we offer Dentisure, Care Beyond the Chair at Dental Clinique to provide complimentary dental accident coverage to eligible patients. Click for more.

At Dental Clinique, our focus is on you; so come in, relax and enjoy the treatment solutions available to you. We offer a variety of dental treatments, aimed at providing a complete dental approach. Some of the popular dental treatments at our Baulkham Hills Dental Practice include:

Some of our popular dental treatments:

With a holistic and complete approach to modern dentistry, our Baulkham Hills Dentist prides itself in offering a family friendly, relaxing environment for all patients. We strive to be methodical in our patient focused approach to dentistry, making sure each and every treatment is explained in detail, and all the relevant information provided prior to any invasive procedure.

With this vision, our entire team come together to provide a synergetic approach to providing a synergetic and thorough service for all patients.

For more information or to reserve your appointment, simply contact our friendly team in Baulkham Hills. We also cover the Castle Hill, Norwest and Kellyville areas.

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